Thursday, February 3, 2011

attempts to gag us

As some of you might know, the owner of College Park Animal Hospital, Thomas McMichael, contacted several review sites and petitioned them to have our reviews removed. He succeeded once or twice and failed to succeed with certain others. You can't help but wonder: wouldn't it be easier to do the right thing instead? Now another victim of veterinary negligence and abuse reported that attempts are being made to silence her. Her web site tells a story of her tragic experience at Crestway Animal Clinic in Texas, with a veterinarian by the name of Edward J. Nichols. Here is what the owner of the site had to say: "My legitimate, hard-earned high listings on the first two pages of Google – where they have been found quite readily for years whenever somebody searches either "Crestway Animal Clinic" or "Edward J. Nichols "– are sinking fast or disappearing entirely, with these new Nichols/Crestway spam sites rising just as quickly due to the artificially created sites/linkbacks. Crestway's spam sites contain little or no relevant content – most of the content is "canned spam" that says nothing about the clinic or Nichols -- the sites are generated ONLY for the purpose of manipulating Google rankings to "push" my legitimate site listing so far down nobody will ever find it."

You just shake your head. These are professionals our society is supposed to hold in high esteem.


  1. Well, gagging can be attempted and win for "awhile", but not in the big picture when more and more pet-owners wake up and realize what has happened.

    A gag order is what is much hoped for here in New Hampshire. "Pocket's Story from NH"

    and to appreciate, long before me, courage from about Suki's Story

  2. Thank you for calling attention to this sleazy practice. Dr Edward J Nichols and Crestway Animal Clinic tried to get an injunction against my site and FAILED. So now they're resorting to this. They won't win, though. The TRUTH always wins, and they can never hide that. Thank you again.